MR Safe Noise Guard 29NRR Headset, 4' length

Item Number: HS-100

We are proud to offer the Highest Noise Reducing Over the Ear MRI Headset offered on the market. This Headset has received a 29 NRR Noise reduction rating tested on the most rigorous hearing test available- the ANSI 1974. The ANSI 1974 is the only test that gives your a true and accurate noise reading- this test is Mandatory by MRI Manufacturers. Our MRI headset fits comfortably and securely over the ears, providing a full Noise Reduction to patients during their scan. Soft latex-free muffs are comfortable for patients to wear for extended periods of time and may be used with Large Sanitary Covers for easy cleaning.

  • Ear muff-style headset
  • One of our Strongest & Most Comfortable Headsets
  • Specially Designed to offer Excellent Sound Quality
  • 29NRRdb (Noise Reduction Rating) Based on ANSI 1974 Testing
  • GE Healthcare Approved Headset
  • MR Safe
  • Latex free
  • Male 2 Prong Adapter (compatible with most sound systems)
  • Standard 4' tubing length
  • Sanitary Covers available Part # SC-100